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Tat 2 U - 2 Contour U Creme - @Emglamguru review

I LOVE the “2 Contour U” cream contour kit. This is by far my FAVORITE item that i have tried from "Tat 2 U" so far. The shades are very universal and I am very very fair so when something can work for a deeper skin tone and still look beautiful on my skin I would say I am sold! There are four shades on the wheel and I use 3 out of four of them. I personally take the lightest shade to do all of my highlights and then I mix the darkest and 2nd lightest shade to contour my entire face. There are three top things I love the most about this palette:

  1. I love that you can mix the colors to create the perfect shades for your skin tone.
  2. I love how the shades blend out but don’t disappear and stay on your face very well - "tat 2 U" if you will (Lol for real they rock)
  3. I love how my skin looks!!!!!! – This is by far my favorite part because my skin doesnt look greasy or oily or cakey after applying this product. Its like your skin but way better!

Below are some swatches:

As you can see the lightest shade matches my complextion perfectly! As i stated before you can mix all of these shades to create your perfect shade.

My overall review is that everyon needs this product. It is perfect for travel, it wears beautifully and it works for so many people.


Love always, 



*Disclaimer: All Opinions are my own. If I do not like an item I will say so, as well as, explain why. *

April 13, 2017

Tat 2 U - "2 Contour U powder" - Emglamguru review

SO! youre in the market for a new contour kit but you want something that doesnt break the bank but still has the quality of all the palettes that do?! Well the fun thing about this palette is that it reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit. I actually like this kit a bit more because the banana setting powder is a tad lighter than that of the abh powders, which is far more flattering on my skin tone. For anyone wanting to try a new powder contour palette I really suggest to try this one.  It blends nicely and the "highlight" shades are similar to that of the high end brands but they are actually more muted so it doesnt look like you threw a bright yellow or pink under your eyes when you set your face.  Each shade blends nicely and can be combined for a more custom feel.  I deffinatly reccomend this kit for beauty lovers and also inspiring makeup artists.


I consistanly use this palette and I am amazed at the quality especially when it can stand up to all of mt high end palettes.  This baby is a MUST for your collection.


Love always,



*Disclaimer: All Opinions are my own. If I do not like an item I will say so and include why. *

April 13, 2017