Frequently Asked Questions


1. Select which products you want on the store creator
2. Request a product to review
3. Promote your product!
4. Receive weekly payouts
Contact our support staff and we will work on integrating your Fandemic store and items with your current store seamlessly!
All you do is put your unique store link in your Instagram bio! We handle the design, production, shipping, customer service, and technology!


1. Sign up your company on the partners page
2. Login to the Partners dashboard and update your brand profile
3. Upload product images, descriptions, prices, etc of products you wish to sell
4. Receive a notification with shipping label for each purchase
5. Get paid after each sale based on the price you inputted in the Partners dashboard


Check out our partners page to learn more about our manufacturers' products! You can also click "View Details" on each product card in the store wizard to see which manufacturer makes it.
You can click on the "View Details" button inside each product's card on the Builder to see if this specific product is.
Once you create your store, you will be able to login and request one product at a time to review.


It really varies on you and your fan's locations, but shipping could range anywhere from 5-7 business days.
We can ship anywhere! However, shipping cost will vary based on location, to be determined at time of checkout.


You make $3 per sale and we make $3 per sale, we are partners!
Nope! All you do is promote your store to your fans, they order your products and the Fandemic team will ship off the products to your fans!
We will send you a payment of your total weekly revenue every week.

Customer Service

We have a professional support staff and have contractors that speak all of the most popular languages that will handle all support questions.

Refund and Returns

Due to the nature of the products, all sales are final.


The only email we send is an order confirmation email to your followers, subscribers, and fans. Don't worry about us contacting them without your permission, we simply will not!

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